Support Group

WWMG has two private, online, support groups located on Facebook.

Our main group, Women With Myasthenia Gravis was the first support group created specifically for women with MG. It is dedicated to the support of women with this disease.

There are issues with myasthenia gravis that have specific effects on women and women’s health issues (i.e. pregnancy, motherhood, menopause, cycles, hormones, birth control, etc.). The WWMG support group was created for the primary purpose of giving women with MG a place to discuss women’s issues, with other women.

– Members must be at least 18 years of age or older.
– Members must be women with a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis.
(We do occasionally make exceptions for mothers who have daughters with MG.)
– Members must have a Facebook profile.
(Joint profiles that are shared by a couple are not allowed in the main WWMG group. Joint profiles are welcome to join the WWMG Friends & Family group.)
– Individuals who are known to have been abusive and/or mean towards others in other locations are not allowed.
(This is a supportive, friendly, caring environment. It is our goal to keep it that way.)
– WWMG is an international support group with members all over the world, but members do need to be able to read and communicate in the English language to be able to fully participate.

Members agree to:

– respect the privacy of others.
– treat others with kindness, always.
(meanness, cursing, and unnecessary drama are not tolerated in WWMG.)
– not take anything read as medical advice.
(Those decisions must be made on your own and with your physicians, etc.)

If you wish to join WWMG, please click here and then click the button that says “Join Group”.

If you are interested in joining the WWMG Friends & Family group, which is a separate discussion group that is co-ed and includes men and women with MG and our loved ones, please click here.

For questions regarding WWMG, please contact: