Beads of Courage

These are Hannah’s Beads of Courage:


Each bead stands for a medical event.

Black is a poke with a needle.

Yellow is a night in the hospital.

Purple is an infusion.

Rainbow is for P.T.

Green is for plasmapheresis.

Pink is for respiratory support.

Red hearts are for PICU/ICU/IMU stays.

She stopped counting her beads at 4,000.

She is still collecting her courage beads.

Since the first of this month, she has been poked by over 40 needles.

I was so touched when I found out about Hannah’s courage beads, that I asked her permission to share them here with you.

I admire the way that she has turned her painful experiences with Myasthenia Gravis into a beautiful piece of art, and show of strength.

Hannah is a WWMG member.

She is only 18 years old.

Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your courage with us!

– Debbie Norman
founder and director of Women with MG

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