2013 in Review

In January of 2013 I started WWMG, a support group for women with myasthenia gravis. I am very pleased with what we’ve been able to achieve during our first year. There are so many wonderful women in this group, doing great things. Not only for themselves and their families, but also for the MG community.

During 2013 this website received visits from over 24,000 people in 94 countries.

The most popular post on WWMG in 2013 was:

Why Do We Need Awareness?

Below is a map of the countries that read the articles shared here, during 2013:

MAP of 94 countries WWMG reached in 2013

During the past year, we have reached more people with our messages of awareness than I could have ever dreamed, and we hope to do even more in the future.

We have many hopes and goals for 2014, and we sincerely thank you for following us along on this journey.

One quick word about memberships, because I know that many of our subscribers here are pending members:  Membership processing was slowed the past few months due to some unrelated medical issues with my children, followed by a MG flare of my own. But I am back to processing membership applications again and I apologize to those of you who have been waiting awhile. I review applications in the order they are received, and I will get to yours in time. Thank you so much for your patience!

We wish everyone fighting MG, a healthy and happy 2014!

Debbie Norman
founder of Women with MG

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  1. What an accomplishment! Thank you for everything you are doing, Debbie. You are an amazing lady!

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