Facebook is More Than Gossip

As part of MG Awareness month we are sharing personal stories written by individuals impacted by MG. Today’s post is written by WWMG member, Sue Goryan.


I NEVER wanted to be on Facebook. I’m in my early 60’s and thought this was silly and for younger people. Been there, done that years ago in chat rooms in 1990’s when AOL was young and I joined before anyone else.

BUT, I was diagnosed in late 2010 with a weird muscle disease (myasthenia gravis) and I just decided to look on Facebook for a support group because there aren’t ANY in my area and the need to talk to others is so important.

Voila!  I found several nationwide and worldwide support groups on Facebook. I can’t tell you the things I’ve learned, the friends I’ve made….the SHARING of information is so crucial. Our doctors don’t help us that much, some treat us but don’t seem to know much more than textbooks tell them.

YES, Facebook is MORE than gossip, pictures and a social obsession…it’s a lifeline for me and 1,000’s of others who deal with debilitating diseases……Support from others dealing with the same problems you are is priceless….and we have 5 times as many groups as back in 2010.

We are a major network today.

– Sue Goryan
WWMG member